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How to make a more "dynamic" version out of BTD or BTD Paradise (this can all be done in roughly 15 minutes)

1. Rip disc to HDD, as *.WAV files!

2. Get DeClip GNU version (or buy the SeeDeClip version if you want)
3. With the GNU version do something like that. Make a batch file for windows, that  would look like that...

declip_2_3-0_gnu-win -m3000 Track01.wav Track01dc.wav
declip_2_3-0_gnu-win -m3000 Track02.wav Track02dc.wav
declip_2_3-0_gnu-win -m3000 Track03.wav Track03dc.wav
declip_2_3-0_gnu-win -m3000 Track04.wav Track04dc.wav
declip_2_3-0_gnu-win -m3000 Track05.wav Track05dc.wav
declip_2_3-0_gnu-win -m3000 Track06.wav Track06dc.wav
declip_2_3-0_gnu-win -m3000 Track07.wav Track07dc.wav
declip_2_3-0_gnu-win -m3000 Track08.wav Track08dc.wav
declip_2_3-0_gnu-win -m3000 Track09.wav Track09dc.wav
declip_2_3-0_gnu-win -m3000 Track10.wav Track10dc.wav
declip_2_3-0_gnu-win -m3000 Track11.wav Track11dc.wav
declip_2_3-0_gnu-win -m3000 Track12.wav Track12dc.wav
declip_2_3-0_gnu-win -m3000 Track13.wav Track13dc.wav
declip_2_3-0_gnu-win -m3000 Track14.wav Track14dc.wav
declip_2_3-0_gnu-win -m3000 Track15.wav Track15dc.wav
declip_2_3-0_gnu-win -m3000 Track16.wav Track16dc.wav
declip_2_3-0_gnu-win -m3000 Track17.wav Track17dc.wav
declip_2_3-0_gnu-win -m3000 Track18.wav Track18dc.wav
declip_2_3-0_gnu-win -m3000 Track19.wav Track19dc.wav
declip_2_3-0_gnu-win -m3000 Track20.wav Track20dc.wav
declip_2_3-0_gnu-win -m3000 Track21.wav Track21dc.wav
declip_2_3-0_gnu-win -m3000 Track22.wav Track22dc.wav
declip_2_3-0_gnu-win -m3000 Track23.wav Track23dc.wav

4. Put batch file and DeClip GNU version in same folder as your ripped tracks, start the batch.

good, first step done!

5. Get Winamp (free) (or another audioplayer) and the VST hosting plugin here (free).
6. Get the RedPhattPro plugin out of the free JB VST plugin bundle. Load that in your player/editor. Use the Default: classic comp and set the "levers" as follows:
Detector: leave as is

Time Curve:
Att.: 15ms
Rel.: 1000ms

Knee: soft

Level Curve:
Threshold: -18dB
Ratio 1: 0.5

Post Gain: -2dB

Everything else: leave as is

6. Load all files. Use the diskwriter output in winamp to make a quick "batch conversion"...

7. Burn to disc. Done! (Say a big thank you to the programmers and to MitA, the demastering pioneer)

Every thing I wanted to say, I already said.

Fuck Yeah!